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試験対策:IBM Cloud Security Engineer S2000-012 試験練習問題集-killtest
難しい C1000-161 IBM Instana V1.0.243 Administration認定試験ガイド 試験を受ける準備はできていますか?  killtestでは、この重要な試験の徹底的な準備に役立つ最高の IBM Instana V1.0.243 Administration C1000-161試験問題集を提供しています。  私たちは、この試験で確実に合格することを唯一の目的として学習教材を設計しています。  実際の試験問題と詳細な解答が提供されているため、試験に合格するために必要な知識をすべて得ることができます。  これとは別に、当社の IBM Instana V1.0.243 Administration C1000-161試験問題集は、今後の試験に関連する幅広いトピックをカバーしています。  私たちの C1000-161問題集に時間を投資して、見事に試験に合格する準備をしてください。

IBM Instana V1.0.243 Certified Administrator は、Instana に関する広範な知識と経験を持つ経験豊富な管理者のための中間認定資格です。  この管理者は、初日のアクティビティ (インストールと構成)?? に関連するタスクを実行できます。  管理者は、Day 2 の管理と運用、セキュリティ、更新、カスタマイズ、統合、および問題の特定も担当します。  この管理者は、SaaS 環境とオンプレミス環境の両方で作業できるようになります。

試験 C1000-161: IBM Instana V1.0.243 管理
質問数: 60
合格に必要な問題数: 41
言語: 英語
試験ごとの料金: 200 ドル
認定: IBM 認定管理者 - Instana V1.0.243

パート 1: Instana のコンセプト 14%
IBM Instana アーキテクチャについて説明します。

パート 2: インストール 17%
Instana バックエンドを Kubernetes/OpenShift にインストールします。
Instana バックエンドを Docker にインストールします。
Instana エージェントをインストールします。

パート 3: 構成 17%

パート 4: 運用 22%
サービス レベル目標 (SLO) を構成します。
Instana クエリ言語を使用してフィルターします。  

パート 5: アクセス管理 8%

パート 6: 統合 10%
サードパーティのアラート ツールと統合します。    
CI/CD パイプラインと統合します。  
API トークンを作成し、トークンの権限を設定します。

パート 7: トラブルシューティング 12%

IBM Instana V1.0.243 Administration C1000-161 無料問題集を共有します
1. IBM Cloud deploys a VMware vCenter Server instance with a combination of public and private VLANs. What are two components of traffic running on a private VLAN as part of the solution setup?
A. Public connectivity for TCP
B. vMotion and NFS storage traffic
C. Management communications and NSX VTEP
D. Tunneling for VMware workload deployments
E. Key encryption flows for secure KMIP exchange
Answer: B, C
2. A client wants to create multiple PowerVS instances in two different regions on IBM Cloud and has ordered Direct Link 2.0 providing connections to each region to achieve high availability. What is the secured way for these PowerVS instances to route network communication across regions?
A. It is not possible for PowerVS in different regions to communicate
B. Implement an IBM Transit Gateway to route between the PowerVS regions
C. Configure GRE tunnels on proxies in the IBM Cloud environment
D. Define public IPs for both instances allowing them to connect to each other over the internet
Answer: C
3. What are two valid status conditions when running a readiness check on the Juniper vSRX on IBM Cloud?
A. Ready
B. Blocked
C. Complete
D. Unchecked
E. Network status down
Answer: A, D
4. A client wants to move their existing workloads to IBM Cloud VMware solutions, Bare Metal, Power servers and KVM. What is the value for client using VMware vSphere 7.0 and NSX-T on IBM Cloud?
A. Client can route traffic between VMware ESX, Bare Metal, PowerVS, and KVM servers using NSX-T
B. Client can route traffic between VMware ESX, Bare Metal, and KVM servers using NSX-T
C. Client can create Tier 0/1 gateway allowing traffic to flow between VMware servers
D. VMware solutions offer comprehensive migration capability for other workloads
Answer: A
5. A Security Engineer is contacted by a developer who needs a virtual server instance (VSI) that is only allowed to send outbound traffic; all ingress traffic should be blocked. The Security Engineer decides to use the IBM Cloud console to create security rules on VSI groups.
Which additional modifications are required on this new security group to meet the stated requirements?
A. Add a rule to permit all egress traffic
B. No additional modifications are required
C. Apply the security group to the Public Gateway
D. Remove the default rule allowing all ingress traffic
Answer: B
6. The architecture of the IBM Cloud for VMware Regulated Workloads is designed for which two use cases?
A. Isolation of FedRAMP workloads only
B. Isolation of sensitive workloads
C. Integration of highly secure KMIP and DevSecOps regulations
D. Support compliance for financial services industry security standards only
E. Support compliance to industry security standards or governmental regulations
Answer: B, E
7. A national car dealership runs its point-of-sales system on IBM Cloud VPC. The Security Engineer is planning to create an IBM Cloud VPN Gateway between IBM Cloud VPC and on-premises network infrastructure. What type of VPN packets are accepted by IBM Cloud VPN Gateway?
A. SSL Framing Encapsulation
B. Extended Address Encapsulation
C. IP Encapsulating Security Payload
D. NAT-T Encapsulation
Answer: D
8. What are the two default deployment configuration options of a FortiGate Security Appliance?
A. Four VLAN
B. Multi-tenant
C. Virtual Domain
D. Four 10 Gbps bonded interfaces
E. Frontend Customer Router VLAN
Answer: C, E
9. A nutrition research lab requires IBM Cloud hardware to meet security and compliance requirements. The customer contacted the Security Engineer at IBM to discuss a hardware solution that will help protect against software attacks and protect the integrity of the data stored on the server.
Which enhanced security capabilities of IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers were recommended by the Security Engineer?
A. Intel Trusted Execution Technology
B. Single Root I/O Virtualization
C. Intel Turbo Boost Technology
D. AMD Secure Virtualization
Answer: A
10. What type of information is required for an IPsec policy creation on an IBM Cloud VPC?
A. Encryption algorithm, IBM Cloud service endpoints, and Preshared key
B. Authentication algorithm, IKE Version, Key Lifetime, and Delegate-VPC
C. Authorization algorithm, IKE Version, Delegate-VPC, and Preshared key
D. Authentication algorithm, Encryption algorithm, Diffie-Hellman group, and Key Lifetime
Answer: D
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